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Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Government Must Investigate Shooting Completed 3 citizens in Malaysia

Rieke Diah Pitaloka 

JAKARTA, (SUARA LSM) - House of Representatives urged the government to fully investigate the shooting of three Indonesian nationals (citizens) in Malaysia, to find out what causes it.

Parliament also warned the government not discriminatory and did not issue a statement questioning the official documents relevant to the victim.

"It is not relevant when the people were shot dead in another country, then the focus of the question on the issue of whether an official document. If this is so basic a government investigation, of course, will only further exposes the weakness of the government, "said a member of the House of Representatives Commission IX Rieke Diah Pitaloka in Jakarta, Thursday (21/6).

According to Rieke, the document questioned the government's stance that the dead are not humane.

"If the workers are undocumented, we can certainly ask, why can there rakuat undocumented overseas. Did not have any authority authorized to issue a document including disembarkation and embarkation in keeping people out of the country is in the hands of the government? "Said he.

As is known, we just shocked by the death of three workers named Sumardiono (34), Marsudi (28), and Hasbullah (25).

Based on examination of the victim's body, and Hasbullah Marsudi suffered two gunshot wounds in the chest, while Sumarjono suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. They were shot because they do the criminal act because it cuts the iron fence at the crest of a house in the district, Selangor, Malaysia.

Prior to this, said a member of the House of Representatives FPDI-P's, there have been several cases of shooting by police of Malaysia. At least there is a minimum of 10 workers who had been shot dead by Malaysian Police.

The data have been collected as follows:
A. Dated March 9, 2005, four workers from Flores, NTT named Gaspar, Smith, Mark and Susan were brutally shot dead by Malaysian Police

2. Dated March 16, 2010, three migrant worker from Sampang, Madura named Musdi, Abdul Sanu and Muklis shot by police on Lake Princess, Kuala Lumpur.

3. Dated March 24, 2012, three workers from NTB, named Herman, Abdul Kadir Jaelani and Mad Noon shot by police in Port Dickson Malaysia.

Learning from the above three cases, he said, impressed the government of Indonesia does not indicate a firm stand against the repressive measures that Malaysia officials violate human rights.

Yet according to Article 5 of the Vienna Convention 1963 states that consular duty is to protect the interests of the sending State and the interests of its citizens. (SP)

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